Feature suggestion: global scene automation track (object handling ability for automation)


i’m a Cubase user, but afaik Nuendo (and no other DAW) features anything like this (i hope the following makes sense, native german speaker):

I’m sometimes doing sounddesign for film and repeatedly stumble over how much easier and faster the work would be if there was something like a global automation track - that allows me to store and recall any automation state (of all automation tracks) for a scene as a preset, and apply that preset to a region in that global/scene automation track (i imagine this very similar to the chord track). Or in other words, the ability to handle automation data like object editing.

For example, i have three recurring scenes (A,B, C, ordered A,B,C,A,C,B,A…) each with different but consistent reverb and volume automation.
I wish i could just once set up all these (three) recurring scenarios, store them on a palette and add them via drag and drop to that global track over time as required. This could look and work just like the chord track, only that the palette and track are not showing chords but my previously created and named automation presets. Then adjusting the regions position and length in that global track in the same manner as with the chord track. Of course this is mainly useful for static automation parts, but could also help as a starting point for complex individual automations.
(in my case these would often be just slight adjustments of reverb amount and some filter cutoff…but even only routing to different reverbs for different rooms this way would be nice)

The editing window for these ‘automation regions’ could look just like the audio offline processing window: a list (or pads) with presets on one side, and an overview of all it’s containing automation settings on the other side - which could also be adjusted right there, instead of jumping to each automation track separately. That selected (and maybe edited) preset can then be applied to the selected automation track region.
Thought even further - these regions could blend into each other using crossfades, morphing the automation data from one preset into the other.

Right now i have to jump back and forth between scenes or even projects, copy/paste all of the tracks automation data or draw by eye using the crosshairs.
I’m not at all a professional in this matter and may very well be overlooking something obvious, but right now i can’t think of any other way to do this easily (anyone please let me know if something similar exists) and guess this would make a considerable simplification for post production (for content with less complex action). I’d buy Nuendo in a heartbeat if this was possible.

Thanks for reading or for suggestions on how else to do this,

Though I like your idea of (somehow) summing automation into a “global automation track” for an certain scene, and using it for copying and pasting it into recurring scenes, I think a lot of fellow-Nuendo-users (including myself at this moment) will stick to using the Punch Log in the Automation panel instead.
Although Punch Log is an somewhat outdated function and certainly very “minimal” (and extensive in use) it does the job and once integrated into your workflow (I’m learning to think ahead when I use punch in the automation-system) I think it can take you to your goal.

There is this (good news only-) marketing video of using Nuendo in conjunction with Nuage, where they explain the Punch Log functionality in the lower part of this website:

Maybe it helps you to reach your goal?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hello Niek, thanks a lot ! I’ve watched the video, and punch log seems to be what i was looking for (a bit more complicated than my idea of it, but i’m new to this :slight_smile: )