Feature suggestion: Layer mask plus gradient tool

So many features of SL are obviously modelled on Photoshop-like methods. One useful tool set that might be added some time would be the concept of layer masks for selection areas and where the mask luminosity/opacity is the feathering value. Right now feathering/fade applies to edge selections, but with a gradient tool that could be made to apply to a selection area in new ways.

For example, making a rectangular selection on two layers with the gradients in opposite directions for each layer can make a nice spectral morph - the fade on one layer decreases and the fade on the other channel increases.

There are many useful techniques that can improve on the fade/feathering we now have.

+1 A gradient tool would be great for fades.

+1 for gradient/fade in out

Masks where the first thing I really missed, while working with SL7.

ZBrush from Pixologic has a very interesting approach for using masks interactively as drawing tools in the domain of 3D modelling.

Might be an inspiration:


Duly noted. It’s a little tricky because creating dynamic spectral masks for each layer increase computing requirements when playing back. But maybe it’s still manageable, specially with modern hardware.

I was not thinking that the mask spectrum might be calculated in real-time. It would be fine to me if the mask were applied and realized for playback.
As an example in Photoshop - if I modify a text field or a selection shape, or many other tools, I need to click the ‘OK’ check to actually apply it. Until then it is just a virtual change.
Or the way Imprint now works.

Another approach to this would be to allow an imprint of an external image on the spectrum. I could make an external gradient and it’s inverse and imprint them on two layers to achieve the morph.