Feature Suggestion: Mix Template/ Preset.

Just as a general thought, when im recording a band i often start tracking from the same template ive made up beforehand, which i know alot of people must do as well.

One thing i find irritating is that i usually record a group in one go so alot of the capture sounds are identical for something like drums, vocals and bass and for some bands even the guitars dont change.

What i would love is to be able to transferr all the info on the inserts, sends, tracks, and EQ from one project to annother, this would save emmense amounts of time. i know it can be done track by track using either copy and paste or making a track preset. But a Mix Preset or template would be So useful.


Why not create a mix template yourself?

You can also right click on the mixer and save selected or even the whole mixer and load into another mixer.

It’s a tad finicky but can do what you asked.