FEATURE SUGGESTION: New track based on another

I think I have requested this before. It would save me for so many clicks on every session and its such an easy feature to implement:

Add track based on the one you are at, but with no data!

Eg new backingvocal track
You want to record another backing vocal and you have already recorded a couple and routed to a buss etc.
Right click on one of the tracks already recorded and (instead of duplicate which I have to use for this today) make a new track exacly like the on you are at … same settings, routing, eq, insterst and all… BUT without any recorded data.

This will also aply to eg midi, when you want to tray an additional take, fills on an already recorded take or a dub.
Current solution is to duplicate track and delete data. Way to complicated

Or use the drag copy (P319) in the mixer window!

Hi Stig
Not sure what you mean?

Page 200 in the Cubase 7 manual.

Sorry Alexis, never found out what u meant here.
Couldn’t find that in the manual.
Basically what I want to do is when recording, adding another channel exactly yet he same as the previous, but without any content.

Page 93 in the manual “duplicating track” but without the content!

Still no idea here…