[Feature Suggestion] - Offline function like Audiosuite

Hey Guys,

For certain things (time stretching, pitch shifting, normalising, some offline plugs) I tend to use the audio offline processing mode.

One of my longstanding pet peeves with offline processing is that as soon as the dialog appears, you’re locked out of everything else.
Moving locators (that some processes like time stretch use to determine length), selecting different files, changing selection length etc. can’t be done without quitting your process, making or tweaking your selection and then using the process again.

This gets boring real quick; and even though assigning key commands to often used processes speeds things up, it’s still a pain in the tits.

So, suggestion is:
Make offline processing work like Audiosuite in PT; a floating window that processes whatever is selected, and allows you to keep working like normal (much like the Audio Quantize window).
The dialog could have preferences or radio buttons for deciding what happens to processed audio (replace, new file etc)

This one goes way back to Nuendo 6. I posted a feature request like yours back in fall 2013. Domilik posted something very similar last year in like July.

I’ve now copied that post and put it in the request section, as I think it might be clearer and more comprehensive. Please bump it up if you find it matches your request.

Here’s the new thread

I remember this being asked for all the way back to N3 when Max Howarth was a regular contributor. This request has been ignored for years. :unamused:

Thanks for the responses guys.

I guess in the the grand scheme of things this might not be a biggie, though I think workflow wise it is actually pretty important, as it saves a whole bunch of keypresses and menu clicks, and would increase productivity.

I’ll have a look at the post and bump :slight_smile:

Since a short time, I’m working with Nuendo 10 because I recently started my own business and needed another DAW. Before I started to work with Nuendo, I was working with Pro Tools at work in another recording studio. In Pro Tools you can click on the AudioSuite, select a plug-in effect you for an audio clip you want to render or just a specific area of an audio clip, click on “render” and that’s it. And it worked. In Nuendo the audio preview of the plug-in doesn’t play the whole audio clip(s) you selected to render. It stops everytime at the first cut / crossfade. What the hell is that? It’s absolutelly impossible to work professionally with this f… DAW! If I had know this before I never would have bought Nuendo. Now I really think about to change to Pro Tools!

So you bump a three year old thread about version 7 in the N7 section to complain about version 10?

Makes sense.