FEATURE SUGGESTION? or QUESTION: How to paste a noise floor clip from clipboard into wav?

If I highlight maybe 2 seconds of a noise floor from the silent part of a clip, and I want to use that noise floor to paste into different areas of the clip, how can I just fill the selected area with it?

For example, I highlight 2 seconds, a ctrl+c. Then I highlight maybe 1/2 second in another area, and I ctrl+v. It adds “time” to the audio file… but all I want to fill, is the 1/2 second area. If I choose “overwrite”, it writes the full 2 seconds… Is there a way to just have it add the 1st 1/2 second of the clipboard noise floor clip, and paste it into the 1/2 second selection?

Right now, I’m having to keep redoing the ctrl+c part to guess at the length… but I just want it to use whatever length is in the selected area I’m going to paste to… hopefully I’m making sense…

If Wavelab can’t do this, it would be a nice feature to add…


Have you checked Edit tab, Spectrum tab or Process tab with Effects Morphing?
It should be possible with the above tools I think.

I wonder isn’t it more easy to make an montage and split clips track 1
insert noice floor to what you need for track 2 and so on, mix done and render !?
Perhaps :- :wink:

regards S-EH

There are two ways to achieve this, but not exactly with the workflow you suggest. With a single range approach, or with multiple ranges (WaveLab 11 only). In both cases, the ambiance must be a file, and not the clipboard contents.

  1. Auto Split Tool
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Cool! two things I was not aware of…BUT it seem very convoluted to do what Todd is doing. I think he wants this to be simple like copy and paste. FWIW

PG, your solution of using the silence generator is awesome!!! It works perfectly!!! And the file will be looped as needed, and the silence duration checkbox "as selection" is perfect! This is exactly what I needed it to do!!! :slight_smile:

It may be nice to be able to easily and instantly create a new audio file somehow though. Any chance we could add an expansion to option 2 in there? Right now, it’s:

  1. True Silence

  2. Ambience Sound (File will be looped if needed)

    It would be awesome if there was a button just under #2 that said “create file from clipboard”? When clicked, it would prompt us to choose the location, and save the audio on the clipboard as a tmp file to the specified location…

ALSO, just a tiny suggestion, but I wonder if the silence generator should be called the ambience generator… I wouldn’t have intuitively thought to look in the silence generator for a way to add ambience.

Either way, this silence generator feature has made my life much easier! Thanks PG!!!


Good idea. But this kind of thing can’t happen in the near future.

Good idea. Actually, there should be the option: “file or clipboard”.
I note this, but this can’t happen in the near future.

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Ok thanks PG!