Feature suggestion: "Select All Signposts" and "De-select All Signposts"

Sorry if this already exists and I can’t find it, but it seems like it would be extremely useful otherwise in View–>Signposts to have (in addition to “Hide Signposts”) the options to: “Select All Signposts” (after which you could more easily de-select the ones you didn’t need to see), and also “Deselect All Signposts” (for situations in which you only need to see 1 or 2 specific signposts, since this would make it much easier to turn off all the others first). Right now having to deselect specific ones, one by one feels like an avoidable pain…

  • D.D.

You can generally use filters in the Edit > Filter submenu to select the items that give rise to signposts, which will select the signposts themselves.

Hi Daniel!
To clarify: I am often in situations where I want to ALWAYS have displayed (as I continue to otherwise work) JUST (for example) “System Breaks” signposts and nothing else. Right now the only way to do this while continuing to work, etc. is to choose View->Signposts–>“Select All Signposts” and then manually UNCHECK everything BUT System Breaks (which is a lot of unchecking!) What I was therefore suggesting (specifically in the View–>Signposts" Menu), was adding the option to “Deselect All Signposts”, so everything would be unchecked. I could then check JUST select System Breaks in View–>Signposts immediately afterwards without having to uncheck everything else (which is a pain). I’m sure there could be a more elegant solution but just wanted to point out that this seems cumbersome at present so it would be useful to be able to have more parsing of selections vs. making it “all or nothing”…My two cents.

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robjohn, I am not in front of the computer but, in the Filter Menu there are two options, Select Only and Deselect Only. If you tick the ‘Deselect Only’ first, then do the filtering, you might get what you were hoping for.

I put in the correct wording from the filter menu.
Also I noticed, that Signposts are not available in the Filter menu = can’t be filtered

I’m presuming that would select until I click somewhere else/continue to work only. But what I’d really like is the ability to quickly display and keep on only specific signposts even as I continue to work - without having to uncheck every one I DON’T want to see each time in the Signposts menu ( which seems needlessly time-consuming)…

Seconded, and I think Daniel and k_b have misunderstood you.
What you’re wanting is a quick way to get rid of all the unwanted ticks in the “Signposts” menu, not select parts of the score.
This is a weakness in all modern GUI menu systems, it seems… if the menu didn’t close as soon as you’d selected something, then it would be far quicker to carry on de-selecting signposts. (Seems strange that RiscOS used to offer this over 20 years ago.)

Maybe adding “turn off all signposts” and “turn on all signposts” could be added, in addition to the present “hide signposts”. This would speed up the process, although there would still be two trips to the menu.

I edited my last post, as I am now in front of Dorico.
It seems Signposts are not in the Filter Menu at all (or I can’t see them there at least), so the discussion might have gone into the wrong direction…
Adding a filtering option for the Signposts would be a good suggestion then.
Sorry for the confusion.

Exactly! (Or “Select All Signposts” and “Deselect All Signposts” (as per my original subject heading, but the exact same idea for sure…)

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Another thought would be to make available an assignable key command for: “clear All Signposts”. We could invoke it, and then go to the menu and more easily check which specific one(s) we wanted to see ( without having to visit the menu multiple times).

I would like to support this feature request in an update in the future. Right now I just turn the signpost’s off, because they clutter up my work area. But there are signpost I would like to see, but it is a pain in the … to open the menu, deselect, open the menu again, deselect, open the m… The minutes ticking away in a task that should seconds. You get my meaning.