Feature Whishlist

Hello there,

I enjoy editing in NUENDO a lot but there are some things that would definetely improve the workflow in my opinion and are not possible with macros (at least for me).:

  1. Jump from selected events to next selected (e.g. selecting all foley recordings by description “drink” with PLE and jumping through all selections to find reusable sounds)

  2. Video playback with Play-Tool. Not just scrubbing.

  3. Restore function by e.g. right-click on file in the bin, to send deleted files back to the audio folder (pool) without dragging files a kilometer to the top folder.

  4. The option to send the audio signal when using the Scrub/Play-Tool to different outputs directly.

If there are already solutions to these ideas I’m happy for any tips from you guys!

Kind regards,


I would be interested in 3 but to add, there should also be a “refresh” feature, in that case.

Request 3 is great

You can sort the Marker Window by any field you want, so if you prepare your session properly, you can do that.
On recurrent stuff we tag each cue with (for example) shoe type/surface.
Or everything “hands”. Or each time you need a specific chair in an office.

Or did I misunderstand the Feature request?


Thanks Fredo for your suggestion.

Yes, usually I get a xml from our Sound Designer with the specific tags in those columns. Sometimes these tags are a bit more general (e.g. glass) so I name the recordings on the go with a more detailed name e.g. “carafe” in the description.

With the PLE I can search for exactly that specific description or any event that contains this description and select automatically all events in the playlist.
Now it’d be helpful if I were able to jump from the first search to the second, third, fourth and so on…
Kind of like the search function in PDFs or websites: Ctrl + F > type name and jump from slection to selection.

In this scenario I’m totally independent of the marker track.

Although, I could create new markers from my current selection to the active marker track or new one and scroll through those but that kind of defeats the purpose of a quick search I think.


Why don’t you create a new, extra tag with that information?
You can have as many tag-columns as you wish, and you can sort each one of them.
In other words, you can sort to “glass” and in addition to that on -for example- shoe type. Or bottle. Or window.


I would love to see some love for UI.
Colors for example. Nuendo and Cubase both can’t hold the values set in the preferences. For whatever reason next time I open these two the color scheme is shifted.
Another one is start position of playhead. Sometimes its hidden under tracks so you have to click back to get to see it.

Little things for sure but annoying as hell if you have OCD. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Fredo,

yes that is true. Thanks for the tip. It is probably the easiest way to achieve this kind of search for now.
But it requires the marker window at any rate (I have 3 monitors, so that’s not a big deal).
I still think it’d make sense to jump from a selected event to another like the existing command: Transport - Position to next/previous event
But with the addition:
Transport - Position to next/previous [selected] event
I built almost every macro I need to be more efficient but in this case I think that could be a cool additon. :slight_smile:


When you select your markers in the marker window, you can simply use the arrows to go to the next marker.


Hey Fredo,

I gotchu. That works indeed. Maybe I should’ve been more precise: I mean audio events.
I know it might be quite specific but with this kind of (extra) navigation command one could quickly jump from one selected audio event to another audio event.
With a general command maybe it would not even matter if your navigating through an audio-, marker- or MIDI track.


Let me give you another example where this might be helpful:

Let’s say you recorded for 1 hour. You make your edits and color code (e.g. “color 4”) each audio event on the go to mark them for further processing or just as your favorite.

Later you select all audio events with the PLE by the “color 4”.

Let’s now say, hypothetically, we had this command.

Now you’re able to navigate quickly through the whole project (selection by selection) without even creating or opening a marker track.
Since the PLE basically can find anything (file name/event description/color etc.) I think this would expand the pretty cool search function.


Not really sure if this would be considered a Feature, but I wouldn’t mind Nuendo’s Atmos Renderer to have the same type of Person/Theatre view as Dolby’s renderer, rather than it looking so different.


today I ran into the same situation that I had some times before already.

First the feature suggestion: Move events to selected track ONLY

Now to clarify: when moving selected audio events from different tracks with the existing key command to the selected track, the vertical structure of the copied events will stay the same.
This is super handy to move events up and down without breaking the whole structure.
But I was wondering if it is possible to force the program to ignore the structure and press everything from different tracks just into the selected one.
[Cut] and [Paste] on selected track led to the same result.

Number 3 would be fantastic!

I know this has been suggested to death but a way to disable every new track from appearing in all mix configurations. Duplicating tracks to quickly add another ambience track becomes very time consuming when you have to update each configuration after.

Or if anyone knows a macro for this you’d quickly become my favorite human. :smile:


I don’t usually work with a lot a lot of mixer configs but maybe this could be useful:

Create a macro with the command:

  1. Channel- and Track Visibility: [Agents: Hide Selected Channels/Tracks]
  2. Channel- and Track Visibility: [Update Visibility Configuration]

Bonus: create for each Visibility (1-8) configuration a shortkey

Now, when you create or duplicate a new track it still appears in all mix configs but when you click/focus on the mixer window and click the key command of your macro, the channel will disappear from the current mix config and update itself.
When you have your 8 mix configs on their own shortkeys you can quickly rotate trough all configs and change/update them with one key.

I hope this makes your workflow faster.


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Thank you! I’ll give it a shot. May play around with it and see if I can target all configs by name. I have 16 of them so half would be fast with the keybinds and half slow with the mouse. :sweat_smile:

Which is another longterm gripe of mine and many others. Allow us to add shortcuts for more than 8 configs.