Feature wish: filter articulation for copying in other staves

Title says all I would like to be able one day.


Yes, I know this would be useful and I hope that we will be able to achieve it in the future.

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I think, it would be useful too, to get also a combination of articulations with slurs, for copying complete phrasings!

is this feature in plan ? I don’t see this option in 2.2.10.

No, it’s not available as yet.

It can also be useful for the following case:

There’s been new stuff since this thread was created, just in case you don’t know…
Pasting articulations

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Thank you, but pasting articulations does not preserve their placements. So for the case mentioned above, it is not useful… :disappointed:

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Resetting position can solve the problem

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Have perhaps a same problem, I think… Sory if the solution already exist but I open for the first time D5 and do this
What is wrong?:

And if I select for pasting the e-f ( 1st and and 3rd beat) the second beat is also altered

(AFAIK) You cannot paste articulations into non-contiguous areas. The destination is treated as a single area and articulation patterns are repeated as best they can.

For this case, since both notes and articulations are the same, it would be quickest to select the first and alt-click into each destination. However, if you do want to use paste articulations, copy the whole pattern from the E to the semiquaver G, then select all the following notes and paste special.

(Also remember paste special is available in the right-click menu. Much quicker to find it there!)

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@Janus One more time: thanka

really bad news for this limitation I import a Bach midifile with a lot of same articulations at different place! Can be great to select all the first where we could paste!


Also, for Slurs, you can Alt-click to copy them; or just press S on a selection.