feature wish: key signature within time signature track


I left Logic and new to Cubase for composing film music mainly.
It would be great to be able to add/change key signature within the time signature track.
(or being able to add a seperate key signature track aside from the already available time signature track)

I’m used to this feature from Logic and it helps greatly keeping oversight of tonalities and also it makes it easy exporting the score to Dorico or Sibelius.


+1 for the needed function.

I would like to see the Chord Track offer this functionality. Assign a Key Signature for a range we want, or even a “tonal center” without a key signature, in case of modal stuff or non-standard scales. There are “scales” that can be assigned, but I can’t get into them and incorporate them to my workflow.

The Project Root also. I would like to be able to change that from the same spot, many times per project (maybe a project is 3 songs. Maybe it’s a symphony with 4 movements.)

Yes, a Key Signature Track is also what I am craving! … You should be able to quickly assign a key signature to various parts and the midi data would be spelled accordingly… This is really important for musicians who are trained in classical ways and doing big complex composing and orchestrating.
Also, I think the scales should be spelled correctly; that would appear more professional; all scales spelled with sharps is silly imo… I would like to be able to select an Eflat scale rather than a Dsharp scale (that just doesn’t exist)… but that’s a minor detail.
I think a key signature track would be amazing! Also enharmonic respelling of midi-blocks with the push of a button would be nice!