Feature wishes and a question

For me it would be more logical when “Reset position” in menu “Edit” would also reset Rehearsal marks I first moved in Engrave mode and then decided to want it back to normal position. This reset should work for everything I have moved in engrave mode.

Multiple paste e.g a dynamic expression like p into several staves at once. This should also be possible with articulation signs.

An option to decide if the rehearsal marks gives way for the dynamic expression or the other way round.

Maybe possible but I don’t know: To be able to input a “mp cresc. poco a poco” in one go with Shift-D.

When will fingering be implemented? As a pianist I am missing this very much.


You can add fingering as text already, if you find yourself desperately in need of it: you can define a new paragraph style using an appropriate small, bold font, and then position the text items manually in Engrave mode. However, adding fingering is a high priority and I hope we will be able to address this in the update following the forthcoming one.