Featurerequest: Vol < Threshold ==> Roomtone + X-Fades

the only painful part really, is looping up enough roomtone if the client doesn’t record enough, but it can be put in at any point, so we can request a longer chunk if needed

Thanks to @AlexBarton for describing his workflow. It’s an exciting way of using the ducking feature of WaveLab 11 (ducking feature totally renewed compared to earlier WaveLab versions).

This being said, if you don’t want to use the montage, the new auto-split option I described earlier should fit the bill too.


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great feature the other way, I use it on files that come into us that are already specced up that just come in for mastering that need some roomtone :ok_hand:

Hey Alex,

at this point I can`t get it to work the way I would expect it to work.
Maybe you can help me out with wisdom, screens and presets? :joy:


This Settings result in this

This is not what we need.

The settings are correct (to replace audio ranges detected as silent, with a roomtone file). I just made a quick test to verify this.

Hence, why do you say?

This is not what we need

I agree, to replace roomtone within the file (ie. an editor who’s just strip silenced without a care for roomtone and hasn’t put a gate on) I would do & do do exactly as you’ve done to fill it.

however I non destructively strip silence / edit / add the roomtone & master using a montage

I’ll put all the files into a montage, and assuming the session audio has been supplied in chapters,
I’ll auto split cut head and tail for all files, then use the CD wizard to add all chapter PQ points/regions & auto gap to the correct spec I need, then I’ll batch rename the markers to the correct client spec with a counter (001_ISBN or 001_TitleName, or 002_Chapter 2, 003 etc)

then I’ll auto split/strip silence
the one I’m doing today the montage auto split settings are these,

then I’ll add the roomtone on the 2nd track, set the ducking tool up to what I need, setup the EQ/Plugins/compressors/loudness then edit the voice track depending on what or how I need to edit

just to update this for completeness as I’m on a different reader today, which is a fiction title, with much more performance, we don’t need to tighten him up in an almost rhythmic way like the last non fiction author read like I screenshot’ed,
but we need to strip it for the multiple retakes per line (fluff and repeat), so have chosen “remove silent parts” to true silence instead of setting a timed gap as before (the ducker tool is doing its job of re-filling in the roomtone around the true silence)

Thank you Alex and PG!
I`ll look into this when I am back from my vacation.