Features for Fieldrecording-Material

Would it be possible to ad some new presets or filters to the “unmix-tool”?
I do a lot of fieldrecordings .
But there are always sounds, that need to be seperated.
For example: birds in Citypark.
I want the birds, but would like to “hide”/ “separate” annoying sounds of Airplanes, Cars, people talking…,
Windnoise, passing train…

An unmix-filtersection would be great. Best AI supported,
Workflow could be: select a part of the unwanted Sound and in the next step isolate the selection.

Is there any chance to solve this?
Sorry for my bad english…


That’s certainly something that’s under consideration technologically, researches are being done in that area (but it might not be for the next SpectraLayers, whose features are already locked at this point).


:ok:. Looking Forward to

Hi, Robin.
I have found a problem in spectralayers 11.
When using the modules VOICE DENOISE and VOICE DEREVERB the program crashes.
All other modules work fine.

Thank you.


What’s your exact computer configuration ? Are you using CPU or GPU for AI processing ?

Unfortunately i am on win10 with an intel i5 650.
I can not choose GPU.

Intel i5 650 is a very old CPU (2010), I’m afraid it might lack some instructions to properly run some AI models…