Features I want in the next cubase upgrade or update

Features that I want in cubase.

  1. Option for single window interface… (when working on a single monitor it is a hassle to keep on resizing windows)

  2. I hate how the marker tracks keeps on all about the place even when the divider is engaged sometime it goes out out of focus if you accidentally scroll it. Just have an option at the top where the thing can remain inplace.

  3. Audtion part of the loop in media bay. That will make things go alot quicker when seaching for music idears.

  4. Rewire 64 bit. Too long to implement this, should have been done for a company who had a hand invented it or should I say code it.

Now this is some of the things I am looking forward to. I know some people are going to throw in their two cents thats fine.

  1. Put more bands on the parametic eq. (Parametic) to attract more customers.

A single window option would be cool…if it was cool.

My vote is for Group Channel Freeze capability.

insignificanlt aesthetic, i don’t like how the output busses sit/look in the mixer