[Features] Important new feature suggestions on CMC-Series!


Thanks, I like all your suggestions too. :slight_smile:


  • QC — plugin memory … if plugin x is focused … these are the QC
  • QC — Need to be able to select EQ Type from QC
  • FD – QC mode

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Maybe a more detailed explanation of each thing is in order

Quick Control Banks: is the ability to page through multiple Quick Control sets per track. HS2 has this (sort of) for the zones. But, 8 is just not even close to enough just for stand alone tracks, let alone when you add plugins to the track. There are enough buttons + shift options available already to do this.

Plugin Memory: This is simply the ability to have a QC bank per plugin that automatically gets enabled when the plugin has focus. This would be similar to Automap functionality (although limited to the goofy 8 restriction, that paging would resolve) and make the QC a truly useful device.

EQ Type Select: In EQ mode, it is boggling to me that you can’t select the type. Now, we also need a way to get at the HP/LP section.

Function Mode: For those that don’t have a PD… Preset 16 lets each pad be a Function Key to execute any key Cubase command. I currently have that preset configured to be a really fast Quantize pallet. But, we can already rotate between PAD and Velocity mode. I propose a FUNCTION mode where each preset can be either Velocity, Note, Action or Function. (I’ll get to actions in a sec). The important thing is I could quickly go between a Quantize pallet and say a Warp Pallet, or a Transpose Pallet … etc.

Action Mode for PD: So many drum machines have controls to stutter, reverse, scramble, slow, bit crush the sample being played. It would be cool to set aside some of the notes as mapable/learnable to VSTi controls.

Rotate through Plugins: Come on, this is seriously lacking in Cubase. We need to be able to easily access the plugins on a track. The CH could easily alt mode the previous/next track to scroll through the insert list. Then one of the F buttons could open/close the selected plugin. Obviously if you make the QC tweak above to allow plugin sensitive QCs, this becomes super powerful.

Oh and while we are puffing pipe dreams …

Integration with the stand alone version of other Borg apps like H5, Padshop Pro and HS2.


Love the units. Very happy camper. Best studio aid I’ve bought for ages ! Only had them a couple of days and they’re a God-send.
However, I’d still like to see;

  1. Some way of choosing whether the mixer onscreen follows the left/right channel scrolling of the FD unit. Otherwise I see the bank of selected channels scroll their way off my screen and have no way of knowing what I’m controlling unless I move the mixer window.

  2. Shift lock - obvious Yes

  3. Cubase projects to save the current position of my Quick Controller and recall this as the starting position when loading on tracks that have no automation recorded

  4. An option to have the QC lock its controls to a particular set of variables regardless of the channel selected,
    ie when option selected, moving channels no longer changes the QC assignment. Instead it remains as per a user-defined set… effectively giving the user 8 AI-type knobs.
    (I’m new to these, so may have missed an obvious workaround to achieve this, but happy to hear if so.)
    (Top Tip?: I have tried adding another blank audio channel and using this to set eight parameters eg fader levels on 8 other channels… quite nice, but obviously it stops working when I select another channel.)

And for future (if I buy more FDs)
5. Each bank of four highlighted on-screen in different colours corresponding to the colours of some ‘stick-on’ strip supplied with the units so I can quickly work out which of the 16 channels is which :slight_smile:

  1. A job suggesting things for CMC controllers where I get paid a grand a go :smiley:

Using the quick control knobs for inserting Insert FX’s on channels… It’s just plain stupid to integrate this feature in Nuage but not in Cubase… The QC knobs looks just like it does in Nuage… the 8 QC knobs would also be perfect for so many other things than just quick controls.

Smarter indicators at the Fader modules so you know which track is selected… looking at the monitors and start touching each fader to see what’s happening is just not working… it ruins the workflow and often a balanced mix completely

There has to be more mileage out of these units than to drop development already.

A lot smarter handling of select would be nice. Now I have three ch-select they do the same thing. Dito for shift. For the QC the ch-select could be used as qc-bank. And the shift qc-select could be sed as set first bank or last bank. But the products are for yamaha. It is a japanese company. When the product it launched the feature are fixed and will never change. Quite different approach than typical American. They launch when they have something that works and fixes the products with software for a long time. It is really sad that steinberg has that closed mindset about remote controllers. Cubase would be a very much better product if the community had a chance to improve it. But Steinberg is owned by a japan company that makes hardware…

Couple more for you;

  1. When I use the browse button on my PD to browse for patches in HS2 (Halion Sonic 2), please can I see the same browser and number of instrument choices that I would have if I selected this feature via mouse (ie ALL the patches available including sounds from my other VSTi collection instruments). It’s a great feature of HS2, but not accessible via the PD.

  2. Please could the “Edit Instrument” button on the CH unit function from any channel with an instrument attached, ie whether I am currently on the midi channel or the instrument channel. Basically, if the channel has an instrument attached to it (and thus a clickable ‘edit instrument’ button on screen) please could the related CH button do the same. Currently it only works on certain channel types… which is odd ?

  3. That latching ‘shift’ button request again, certainly for the FD unit. It’s a nightmare holding it and selecting Solo / Mute with one hand.

JUST TO UPDATE: looks like these requests were actioned in Cubase 7 already. Just updated and these are done :slight_smile:

This is so annoying!! :cry:

It seems that if I have an Instrument attached to a MIDI channel, when I press the “e” on my CH It opens the MIDI instead of the Instrument.
They should add an option so that it always opens the Instrument the midi is controlling…arrrgh


+1 shift lock

Just felt the urge to hit the bumper

Wireless version of CMCs anybody?


LCD screen for CMC FD please…

Can anyone shed any light on the fact these controllers have been discontinued?

As far as I know Steinberg are not phasing out these CMC controllers. Its actually the opposite! :slight_smile:
In due to its popularity, some of the controls example the TP-controller has run out of stock temporarily in Europe.
The new shipment are due to arrive on 31.03.2014.


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THANK YOU all for you interest in CMC controllers.
Especially “thank you” to you all that has added your inputs and feature ideas. All request and inputs are more then welcome!! :slight_smile:

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Channel selection via CMC-FD fader.
Having previously used a mackie emulation controller when moving multiple faders the selection focus in cubase would hop all over between the tracks in question. This used to drive me nuts, and I was so glad when the CMC FD didn’t affect the focus. Having said that, there is a downside, The ability to select a track via the hardware is otherwise sorely missed.

Using the incremental channel selectors (e.g. on the CMC-CH) is usually a pain if the tracks are not consecutive, and in the end one is obliged to resort to the mouse.

It would be nice to have this facility integrated into the CMC-FDs. I could see perhaps a double tap (without shift) (anywhere) on the strip being a good solution.

Can we please at least have one more update before they shut down CMC-Series completely.
Lights on PD would be nice, thank you!

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Yeah it really sucks they discontinued these so quickly, they are really great controllers, the more you get used to them the better they become. Now it feels like I’m learning something that will end much sooner than it should have… oh well guess I wont be upgrading Cubase anymore, I’ll just use my current version as long as I can (or at least the last supported version).

One final good deed would be for them to make them Class Compliant so we don’t have to worry about drivers down the road.

I’d also like to see the dim glow on the PD unit +1