[Features] Important new feature suggestions on CMC-Series!

Yeah it really sucks they discontinued these so quickly, they are really great controllers, the more you get used to them the better they become. Now it feels like I’m learning something that will end much sooner than it should have… oh well guess I wont be upgrading Cubase anymore, I’ll just use my current version as long as I can (or at least the last supported version).

One final good deed would be for them to make them Class Compliant so we don’t have to worry about drivers down the road.

I’d also like to see the dim glow on the PD unit +1

Want to add one more. In order to get rid of the computer keyboard completely, it would be a great idea that each button shift in each controller could be applied a function like Option, Mays, Control and Command for tasks with the mouse for copying fluently in arrange window, or writing in drum or key editor, and things like these.

Any chance the CMC-TP could have a windows driver to allow the media player etc to be controlled?

Just joined, so if this has been asked for b4, my apologies.


Mike :smiley:

Please Steinberg!

Can you please add lights on PD-controller too? I know CMC-series are legacy hardware’s now but still, it shouldn’t take much efforts for the in house Steinberg programmers to add this simple fix.

I use my CMC PD-controller together with other hardware controls for controlling extra “function commands” in Cubase 7.5.30. Example: different views in the mixer page, midi functions, audio editing functions etc. I use dimed lights in the studio so sometimes it can be hard to see what “black” pad-button I press in the darkness.

Thank you in advance!

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It really shouldn’t be that complicated… Would love to see the pads "dim"

Now that Steinberg finally made it possible to navigate and adding plug-ins by standard keystrokes i would like to see the TAB function make it’s way into possible locations on any of the CMC’s that would logically be able to handle it… I imagine the AI-knob would be a perfect candidate together with the knob…

… also release the SDK for these controllers for anyone with idé’as to take it further…