Features missing in HSO - a consumers nightmare

Need a little help here!

I found HSO on christmas sale so I read about it. I’ve got a few decent orchestral libraries but not nearly enough arpeggiated features so I watched the video to discover Flexphrase. After reading the requirements (nothing other than standard computer specs) I hesitated because there was no demo. I’m too burned from vaporware but I’ve had a relation with Steinberg since Cubase 1 Atari so I have some 10.000 hours invested in the workflow.

Anyway, I dropped the coin (been saving - am not rich) for me and my gf. Installed authorized and started digging in. Good sounds, good interface. But nowhere to find Flexphrase. Started digging around to find you need a full version of Halion to access that.

Wow, bummer.

So I contacted Steinberg and told them that I felt cheated so I wanted my money back. Fast. Because I had a backup plan to spend my hard earned money on the christmas sale elsewhere.

Not a word from support in a week. The day after the christmas sale over at Vengeance stopped (where I wanted to pick up the Producer pack 2 instead of HSO) I tried to contact the asknet guys who grabs the money.

They answered in two days saying that Steinberg does not allow the purchase to go back because I’ve used the authorization codes?!

Well: there is no demo, the info on the page is untrue and the EU consumer laws says that any purchase can be reversed in the first two weeks - no questions asked.

So - any of you had the same experience and found a way to deal with it except wearing jack ass ears?

Sincerely - Anodyne

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