Features necessary to use Dorico

After a little playing around with this 1.0 Preview I would say that I’ll come back for serious work when following features are implemented:

  1. Audio feedback when moving or inserting (!!!)
  2. Tablature for guitar instruments (!!)
  3. Fingerings (!!)
  4. Chords (!)

Hope that it will be implemented soon…

The future functions seem to be detailed developed and prepared but the bread and butter functionality is missing.
I expect 1-2 years to be on the level with the competitors today.
Sibelius and Finale are surely on its limit because of their ancient history.
Notion could be a serious competitor in future…

In any case Dorico is far from being a gold standard, but a potential candidate for it…

Daniel and his team I would call a gold standard :wink: They made/make a pretty good job!


I hope you’d agree that we’ve been very open with what is and what isn’t included in the 1.0.0 release, and that we plan to add many of the features you mention as free updates over the coming weeks and months.

I’m sorry that it doesn’t meet your needs right now. I hope you can see the vision of what we set out to achieve is being delivered and that if you come along with us as we develop Dorico further, you’ll get a chance to help us shape it.

For instance, there’s a very interesting thread on Chord Symbols that you’re welcome to contribute to over here.

I strongly agree!

I especially would love this feature:

While moving a single note inside a chord vertically up or down (diatonically or chromatically depending from pressed modifier keys): Hearing the whole chord at each change! This would be VERY USEFUL!!

This is something that we hope to get on to very soon.