Features of the next version

I expected more from the update, when even the second number in the version has moved.
Dorico remains an expensive sold semifinished product.
I would like a list that contains the changes/corrections/dates for the next and more releases (roadmap).

Then you simply expected too much. This document lists all that has been implemented/improved the last year. 140 pages. Do you think any other notation software come even close to half of this? I don’t. No single notation software covers all users individual needs, and the fact that Dorico may not give you exactly what you need doesn’t make it semifinished. At this point, there are more features lacking for me in Finale / Sibelius than in Dorico.

Or actually - I’ll agree with you that it is semifinished, meaning that there is more to come. The sad story about Sibelius and Finale is that they probably are finished - the development has been standing still for years. That doesn’t make them better.

The team has been very open about what’s not yet included from day one. They have also implemented most of the stuff they said they would try to implement in 1.x. I don’t think you’ll get any specific plans yet.

Piano-EK, out of curiosity, what were you expecting that did not manifest? They have dropped more than a few hints about exactly what was coming. Every large feature has been known for months although the specifics have been a little hazy. I doubt anyone can accuse them of promising something they didn’t deliver.

I’d say they were more than hints - every suggestion/request was met with a clear answer as to whether it was under consideration for this update, or for the future. I am impressed with what they have done, even though something that I would personally like to see implemented was not.

If you feel the program does not meet your needs, then of course, you should not purchase it. It does seem that they are moving at good rate of speed in terms of improving the program; perhaps not as fast as you one might like; but we all make our choices. So far - for me - it has been great. Your experience may differ.

Andgle: The document that you mean, just shows how much is had incorporate into the program, because it still lacked.

I am the first who has anything against Dorico? Or is the Forum just for advocates?
I have to admit, Dorico IS NOT BAD (my praise for the developer), but lacks some basic functions which are in other DAWs.
A good software must meet certain requirements, which are planned/wanted.
Therefore it would be nice to have a roadmap, so we know from the program even what is expected.

If you browse through the forum, you will certainly realise that users have been keeping the developers’ feet to the fire. Of course, right now, most of us are excited about this new version since the implementation of the three features they promised for this deadline are astronomically superior to the that of the competition. So the next couple of days will look like a love-in. However, I have to ask: where did you ever get the notion that Dorico was a DAW? It most certainly is not.

Dorico is not–nor was it intended to be–a DAW.