Features Request: Custom Images for Favorites in Media Bay

It would be really great to have custom images for you favorites folder in media bay side panel:

It would make navigating much easier. Also it would be great to have a folder navigation for the favorites like with the file browser but just for the favorites.

You can have a view like this if you click “show all results”. But if you go inside on of those folder you can only navigate back by clicking on “favorites” again and then you have the default view with the big icons.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-03 um 08.54.06

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I would like to have pictures too, it would be very useful.

Even though I don’t use loops much, I do get some feedback (regarding Cubase) from some people that do. And since you brought the file browser up, they have told me that if the browser had a second “level” for folders, it would be much easier to work with loops and samples.

(Like, in your second picture, do you see how half the list is empty space? I guess those (few) people that I’ve talked to would like it if there was a divider in the middle, and the space to the right of it would be used to show the contents of the folder selected on the left. I don’t know if my wording makes sense.)