Features Request For Project Assistant

Would be good to be able to delete and rename projects from the assistant. And pack projects into Folders from the assistant also to organise when you have several versions or a progression of a project.

For example - recently had a project error seriously so it has been saved twice with different names - So Im seeing 3 projects, I know which one to open, which 2 not to open now, but give it a year and I wont remember, as the original one thats corrupt isnt called ‘bla bla Corrupt’ , be good to be able to rename everything, or delete the two rogue projects from the assistant as I’ll never need them.

Or - you start a project, think its ok and name it, save it, it then goes on to be something else 5 versions later and called something else and you wish youd named differently from the start, be good to pack all those related versions into a folder, or rename those projects with the wisdom of hindsight in what to call them so you’ll remember what they are in future.

:nerd: Just a thought, perhaps a yes / no option to rename or organise on hard drive, or just in the assistant without altering the original locations and file names.

I would love a project assistant, especially if it could group all my latest exports from an album worth of songs and quickly compile them into a test CD. Better still if it could automatically export each project for me as well :slight_smile:

In the old days of tapes and tape boxes people used to (be trained to) put recording session notes into the box with the tape. It’s a good idea and I tend to write .txt notes in my directories and the top level album directory which I’d update as the session proceed. I also name duplicate directories with useful names so I know which is which. And anything I don’t need any more I put into a Development directory just for posterity.