Features / Requests / Fixes for V10 or Update

Here’s my short list of features / fixes I’d like to see in either an update or Cubase V10

  • A new colour pallet that works more like a colour pallet you’d find in Photoshop, where the colours are arranged in a grid. When you select a colour you’ll also see x-amount of shade variations for that colour.

  • Colouring channels should ALSO Colour the entire mixer channel (not just the bottom portion where the name is)

  • Track Icons, please make the “Batch Import” feature actually work and let you batch import multiple images…

  • Expression maps, really need to be updated so it’s not so time consuming! It’d be great if there was a ‘MIDI LEARN’ feature, which lets you select the keys on your controller (which have the key switches on) and Cubase automatically creates the ‘Remote Slots’ and ‘Output Mappings’’ in the expression map window.

  • Drum Editor, it would be great if Cubase could communicate with 3rd party products to automatically extract the mapping and label it for you. Also, it would be great if the Drum Editor could be totally reworked and incorporate Beat Designer into it, kind of like StudioOnes latest offering, but better.

  • Feedback Loops, I know Cubase is designed to NOT do this, but still. It would be awesome if this was possible for creative sound design purposes.

  • When moving sections of your arrangement around, it would be good if the other sections conformed around it automatically. Or if you delete a section, the section ahead would snap to the section before it.

  • Bezier curves in the Edit WINDOW!!!

  • When inserting a sample library (like Kontakt) with multiple patches and outputs, renaming the MIDI channels which control each patch do not get renamed in the Mixer. Obviously because they’re audio outputs, but it’d be good if Cubase could detect the link between MIDI channel and Output and automatically rename the channel in the Mixer when you rename the MIDI track.

  • Improved auto save times

  • Sometimes when enabling / disabling lots of tracks (at the same time) can cause errors.

  • Improved CPU usage (big task, but it really needs to be addressed)


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I want a new tab next to the eq that allows us to see the wave form play back. That way when you add a compressor or fx you can see what it’s doing to the wave as it plays back. When you select the eq tab you can see the eq bouncing. I want to see the wave of the track and what it looks like after add compression and fx.