Features Requests for Cubase 12. Please!

  1. I would love to see a sensitivity control for Variaudio note detection. sometimes it detects two notes as one and you have to manually cut them apart. very annoying!!!
  2. I would love to see an option for double/half speed preview for loops on Mediabay. elementary! and also a total improvement of file searching on Mediabay - it takes forever!
  3. I would love the Folder channel to function as group channel (with insert effects and so on) if you want it to. Other DAWs have that and it save a lot of double work and screen space.
  4. I would love to have back the function “Replace audio on video file” that was on the FILE menu and disappeared since Cubase 9. it was very useful to make sure that the music videos have the exactly same audio as the original mix.
    Thank you!

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Hello everyone.

I wanted to suggest doing like -Key Editor, for guitar.
Because in the Vst of a guitar it is not possible to make all the notes according to the 6 strings that are in the guitar.
And if you make a kind of “Guitar Editor”, then it will be possible to play in 2 octaves all the notes on each of the strings that are selected with the mouse.

Can you give an example of such a case?

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