Is there a trial version of the app available?

Alternately, I’m looking for the following functions. Probably asking for too much from iOS app

  • Audio pitch shift;

  • Audio time stretch. Can audio file tempo be mapped and made to match tempo of a separate audio file?

  • MIDI support. For educational/demonstration purposes it would be very helpful if MIDI notes on a piano roll can have different colours. Especially if overlapping notes assume a unique colour.

  • Ability to view MIDI tracks and audio tracks on same screen.

  • Compatibility with Windows DAWs.

TIA for any guidance.


Hi John,

Thanks for your message.

Pitch shift and time stretch is planned to be added in a future update.

The Cubasis project importer extension (available as free download) allows to import Cubasis projects into Cubase (cross-platform). Apart from this Cubasis allows to export files in various ways (separate files for tracks, MIDI File Format 1 export).

At this moment a trial version of Cubasis is not available.

To learn more about Cubasis please have a look at the manual, that is available online (next to the in-app version): http://www.steinberg.net/fileadmin/files/PRODUCTS/Apps/Cubasis/Cubasis_Help/Index.html


Please specify what you mean by this.


Thanks Lars.

Ability to view MIDI tracks and audio tracks on same screen. <<

Just a multitrack view where audio (waveform) is on one track, and MIDI notes are for example on the track below it.

Please have a look at Cubasis screenshots to be found on the web or on our product website (http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/mobile_apps/cubasis.html).

The arrange view displays MIDI and audio tracks since the release of Cubasis 1.0.