Feaure Request: Allow stock 'Peak Master' and 'Ducker' plugins to be hidden

In the process of tidying my plugin menu in WL I noticed the ‘Peak Master’ plugin still shows as an option in the montage effects section (clip, track or output) (though not in the ‘effects’ area of the master section), despite having all the boxes next to the plugin unchecked in the plugin manager. Additionally ‘Peak Master’ will remain in the ‘mastering’ category even if assigned a custom category.

I also noticed the ‘Ducker’ plugin, which is an option on the ‘clip’ effects section, doesn’t seem to be listed in the plugin manager and thus can’t be hidden.

Is this the intentional, or maybe I’ve missed something? I don’t use either of these plugins and would love to hide them from the options to keep it clean and minimal.

My WaveLab is up to date and running on Intel macOS Catalina.