Feauture request mastersection preset name

I was wondering if with a future update it would be possible to make a function that when you put your mouse over the mastersection preset name you get the ‘popup’ to see the complete name.
Now when you have the mastersection less wide (like I have), you don’t see the full length name and it would be cool to see it. A bit like when you hover over a file tab and you see the complete path of the file. In this case you don’t have to see the path (it’s the preset path anyway), but just the full length presetname.

Talking of presets and saving, I thought that in the update there was the option that when you clicked save within the mastersection you would get a ‘are you sure’ sign. Now it simply overwrites it. Have to dig up the topic, but I made one some time ago and you agreed on this as well. No you sometimes overwrite something by accident (save as and save or close to eachother).

Found it: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=244&t=119312&p=647943#p647943

+1 for both topics