Feedback at DAAD….?


Sometimes I need a “recording” from Spotify to edit a piece. I then record the song with WaveLab (Pro 11.1).

So Spotify>mixer-mixer>WaveLab…

At a certain volume I have feedback in my headphones… I would like to know if I can somehow prevent this or is it “inherent in the system”.

It’s not necessarily a big problem, but I would be interested in a possible solution…



“Feedback” involved needs some more info
is speaker + microphone included ?
or headphone with microphone ?
or same signal twice, check routing in mixer
other than that no clue…

regards S-EH

Thank you for your answer.

Microphone or speaker are not involved. The whole thing happens in the headphones. The mixer is very simple. I’m afraid I can’t change anything.

Maybe in the UR 44 audio interface from Steinberg.

Well, let’s see, maybe I can find a solution.

Maybe I can change something in WaveLab so that the recorded signal doesn’t go out again…



Do you use the monitoring in Wavelab while recording? Try to turn it off. You should still hear the recorded signal via the UR44 direct monitoring.

I will have a look at that…