Feedback/microphonic like noise ..

Just wondering how to solve this …

I have recorded an electric guitar - mono in - channel 8. The recording is fine, but I wanted to route the signal out of Cubase, to the EQ, process it there and return it back to Cubase to record it again on another track.

I’m using UFXII interface, assigning the recorded track to output 5, then cable goes from output 5 to the input of the EQ, and back to input 7 on the interface.

I have adjusted ins/outs in Cubase.

The signal goes to and from the EQ

Now, when I try to adjust parameters on the EQ - a microphonic like noise starts and meters on the interface go all the way up in red. It sounds like feedback is present and causing it.
(I have recorded a new track in such conditions and the noise is recorded as well).

I’m obviously doing something wrong, but don’t know what …?

Same thing happens if I use a compressor instead of EQ, or even a pre-amp
(It sounds like there is a flanger somewhere in the chain …?!?..)

With a bass drum it sounds like this (parameters on compressor engaged slightly)

Please help, cheers.



Could you share a screenshot, please? What about Monitor button(s) states?

Recheck the TotalmixFX settings.

Input monitor from the already recorded track is off - otherwise there was no signal in the external Fx.
Input monitor of the track to be recorded to is on, otherwise no sound was recorded.

Thank you,

herewith how the TotalMix mixer looks like (AN5/6 is the guitar signal output from Cubase going to an external EQ, and then from the EQ, the processed signal comes back to UFXII inputs 7 and 8 …)

The monitoring mixer looks like this

So, I’ve tried to process a solo again, thru an external EQ, and this is the results.
(The feedback starts as soon as I move the HF Gain pot … you’ll hear it for sure …) :blush:


It is quite obvious, that the hardware inputs are routed directly back to the hardware outputs 3 and 4 - as is the Playback Signal.
It’ s about time, to learn totalmix fx!!!

Thank you for your input.

I have spent days reading the RME manual as well as trying to further understand Cubase.

Unfortunately I’m unable to solve this issue, after trying so many times.

Where is the problem? The already (audio) recorded guitar signal is fine in Cubase, but the problem starts when I try to route the same out thru the RME to the EQ, and back to interface, and re-record it processed on a new channel.

I thought something like this should be simple and straight forward.

I have tried using a compressor instead of EQ, with the same result.

The microphonic feedback is still there, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. (Needles to say I put so many hours trying to solve this, to no avail …).

I feel like a blind man.

Thank you for reading.

From your first screenshot:
When in Submix mode with output AN 5/6 selected (lower row), the faders of input channel AN 7 and AN 8 (upper row) must be all the way down, because this is routing these inputs (that are coming from the EQ / Compressor) directly to the outputs additionally to the software playback channels (middle row) AN 56, thus causing a feedback loop

God bless you for this, it works now as it should …

Many thanks!

You´re welcome.