Feedback on a mix?

This is a mix I’ve been working on. I appreciate any (constructive) feedback. :smiley:

i can`t offer any criticism on your mix but i can offer compliments on your playing and music ,well done ,love it .

Thank you! Very nice to hear.

Nice song, cheers for that.

About the mix, listen it in my crappy earphones I think the lows are a little bit of control, the voice gets lost in the first part of the song, you can try clean more low frequencies with a high order LPF to all the instruments that don’t really need that much lows like the acoustic guitar.

BTW excellent guitar performance!

Thanks for the kind words!

I’ll see about getting the vocal to stand out more in the beginning.

RE: the bass, I have HPFs going on already. The bass seems to be okay over here (I use Beyerdynamic DT770s, B&W MM1s, and B&W CM10s) and others (using Mackie HR824 and headphones) have reported the same to me. If you can, give it a go on better headphones or speakers and let me know if you have the same opinion.

allowing for the fact we are only hearing an mp3 of this, I would cast these thoughts

the vocals at the beginning are fighting with the acoustic guitar for prominence. If the acoustic guitar was tamed a bit on the upper frequencies, the vocal should come through a little better.

The bass is a little bit prominent, a touch of eq cut somewhere around 90Hz should do it.

I’m sure the mp3 format is the offender here, but the mix is a bit too hot, it was going over 0db here.

and a very subjective production decision, and please ignore me on this - but I would have got rid of the finger release noise right at the end.

but without any changes, it’s still a good mix.

Thanks for the feedback. I will work on it per the changes that have thusfar been advised and post the updated mix.

I got a pair of Mackie’s HR824 MK2 and Beyerdynamic’s DT250 in the studio, sadly I can’t be in there for a few more days (I’m in the middle of a moving out and just began an ugly flu :frowning: ) I will try to listen later with a decent chain.

Although my crappy earplugs are always my last “check” before I summit a mix :mrgreen:


Thanks to all for the feedback. I re-worked it. Here’s version 1.1.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks!