Feedback on Cubase 9.5 and a few requests

Bravo! on the new version of Cubase 9.5. Im very grateful that Steinberg are listening and implementing requested features and doing a very very good job at the way they are done. The bypass button instead of on/off on the mixer is an example. It blew my mind that this was addressed. I feel like they fixed this just for me. The bezier curves were overdue but they are there now and have been done very well. The adjustments to the colours of interface have more options as well which I also really wanted. More inserts at last! awesome! The list goes on and on so thank you Steinberg.

I just wanted to make a short list of things I hope Steinberg will look at for the coming year.

  1. fixing bugs - Bugs have been something Steinberg have been making efforts to get on top of. A good few of ones I had been experiencing have been addressed. One that has been cropping up I think since 9.0.30 is where a midi part no longer triggers the instrument on the project. I can still trigger and hear with my midi keyboard but If I record, the notes are there and recorded but don’t actually trigger the instrument in question. If I duplicate the instrument the duplicate has the same problem. However if I drag a midi part from another track It corrects the fault. I can record again and any midi parts elsewhere on the track start working again. I have checked there is no automation or active events on the controller lanes. I haven’t yet been able to isolate any plugins its unique to or a way of being able to reproduce it reliably yet. If I do I will report it.

  2. next and previous sample buttons on the sampler track so I can try out different samples with the same settings (filter, envelopes etc). Dragging a new sample into the sampler track window resets all the settings. Beings able to scroll through samples of a folders like on most samplers via next and previous buttons is so needed for me.

  3. Bezier curves on actual audio event fades would be awesome. Please don’t remove the fades editor though Its handy to have that as well.

  4. ability to move tracks in the mixer windows please.

  5. We desperately need to be able to click on the small circle on the mixer which tells us the audio track is mono. By clicking on it it would switch the mono track to a stereo track. So many times I drag in a sample, add effects and stuff, then try to create stereo width and realize the track is mono. I then have to create a new stereo track and copy everything to that track. Its annoying! I hope Steinberg are able to add this.

  6. the vst instrument rack - I prefer the vst quick controls hidden. But something must not be right because even though I had them all hidden, when I go back some of them have the quick controls showing again. It makes the tracks are 3 times wider…maybe I’m missing something.

  7. The curve or parabola tool needs updating or reworking. Its really annoying to work with! Plus once its placed you cant rework it. I’m glad something is there at least to do lfo style automation but it needs a revamp because Its a nightmare trying to get a lfo in time and in the right place with no ability to speed up, slow down change shape, preview it before its in place ect. Imagine the possibilities If you could?!

  8. Adapt to zoom isn’t implemented in the key editor? Surely implement it there please.

  9. I’m guessing there’s no way to make windows pop up instantly. If I click the mixer icon there’s a second delay before it appears. A plugin can take longer to appear, cant this be instant? I assume the gui has to be drawn or something and I imagine this would be much harder to implement and would impact the cpu performance a great deal…I can dream though.

  10. Why cant I set the media tab on the right dock to default to file browser. I never need Instruments or loops and samples ect. Its only an extra click I know, I just like thinks to be ready and set up how I like it. Also If I’m browsing samples the length of the sample is not in the toolbar so I cant order by length. This was an option when media bay was in the right dock instead of file browser. I will say I prefer having this file browser as new samples will appear without me having to re-scan all the time.

  11. Higher frame rate - Ableton 9 just added this. A faster draw rate (60fps) would be awesome to see in Cubase please.

I apologize for the long post. These really aren’t complaints, just feedback requests for further improvements. I love Cubase so much and I love Steinberg for actually listening and acting on our requests. Where game companies are getting greedier and greedier, Steinberg is strong to deliver, they always seem to be improving my beloved Cubase. Its a nice feeling when you now your not being ignored!