Feedback on Dorico documentation

Thanks for your fast and helpful response, Lillie. An easy-to-navigate way to switch between versions (perhaps with a cookie that remembers the user’s most recent choice with an automatic redirect—this is doable with most webservers like Apache) would be fantastic! Obviously, that would take webdev time, and probably nothing you or your team could do on their own.

And my apologies, you are correct that there are links to the Engraving Options and Notation Options pages in the example I sent! I had been sent to the Dorico 2 version of the manual, which didn’t contain them, when I started writing this post, and didn’t bother to check when I grabbed the example URL (this time going from Dorico’s help page). So kudos to you for making those improvements. Details like this matter a lot when users are in the creative flow and they quickly need to be reminded how to do things.

Thanks for your offer to add in missing hyperlinks. I’ll let you know if I come across any.


I wasn’t really replying to you, or trying to help. I was commenting on the situation you described, for others to consider. In reply to you I would say: If you can’t remember ⌘⇧E, now you can use the Jump Bar.

I know solutions are not your point, but I am not trying to take away from your point.