Feedback on my transit experience.

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share my feedback after trying to use transit and being somewhat disappointed. I’m hoping I can get a response from Steinberg (spork?). It’s not meant to sound overly negative.

My friend and I live opposite ends of the country and wanted to collaborate on some projects, I’m a PC user and he’s on MAC. he graciously agreed to switch from logic to Cubase Elements.
We also invested in a number of VSTs, some Steinberg, and some others such as BFD, kontakt, Gravity etc. And we were pleased to find exchanging projects manually across platforms seems to work well.

We then purchased Artist, primarily to make use of VST transit.

I can forgive the fairly clunky operation of the system, but as you can guess, we hit the same wall of surprise others seem to have done by discovering that third party plugin information is not transferred via transit.
This is quite upsetting as we both went through all of the marketing material related to transit prior to purchase and found no reference to this limitation.

It seems fair to me to describe the transit feature as in beta, but it seems to be marketed as a fully fledged cloud sync service that it just doesn’t quite live up to at present. We are feeling a bit ripped off.
I’ve searched through these forums and i can see that similar posts have been responded to with assurances that this feature is coming soon, but this was said 10 months ago.

I’ve generally been quite pleased with the speed bugs have been dealt with in the core software, but we have been through several releases and patches since VST transit was released, and I feel it is not getting the attention it deserves from the dev team? Its a great idea but I really don’t feel it’s up to an acceptable level of functionality for general release. Especially as a premium service.

Thinking about constructive progress could I request:

A:a sticky post is added to this forum detailing current known issues, limitations, and expected time frames for updates?
B:I appreciate unpredicted things can happen but can we please be advised of an ETA for this feature?
C:I would suggest Steinberg are much more up front in their pre-sales material and clearly state that 3rd party VSTs are not yet supported.

Anyone out there?

Yes. We are working on 3rd party plugin support successfully, but we are developers so can’t give an estimate when versions are to be released, sorry.