Feedback on percussion pads

The following feedback items regarding recent experience with the percussion pads. You can see these issues in this recording

  1. Their layout renders a bit wonky in certain scenarios.
  2. Modifying the instrument name causes the pads to reposition.

When a percussion kit is exported/imported, the pad order is not preserved.
Sample.dorico (522.4 KB)

  1. Another issue I ran into is if I export the drumkit from one project, and import it into another, the order of pads is not preserved. See this video.

The layout of the drum pads is saved in the project and is not included when you export or import the percussion kit, I’m afraid.

@dspreadbury ok - if that’s the case, I’m looking at using an external MIDI controller instead… however, Dorico seems to not be interpreting the notes as I would expect.

See this video… first it shows using a pad controller (Maschine+)… while I’m showing Ableton and Dorico side-by-side, the same result happens if I have just Dorico open.

The first part of the video shows Ableton ‘getting’ the expected notes/sound, but Dorico only getting ‘aftertouch’ messages.

The second part of the video shows using a Keyboard… note how the notes input on the staff reflect the ‘G’ cleff voicings rather than the notes expected due to the percussion map.

Do I have something mis-configured?

I don’t know what’s going on there, I’m afraid. If you have a pitched staff and show the caret on that staff, then hit one or two of the pads on your Maschine, do any notes get input into a pitched staff?

yes… pitched seems to work just fine… at least in my quick test.

sporadically, I do get notes from the Maschine on the Percussion staff… but I can’t make sense of how it is being done… some (but not all) pads register notes… but not necessarily the expected midi note value.

Actually… in a new file/template with the default full kit, it seems to be behaving as expected. how odd. Scratching my head as to how I will be able to fix my file.

Have you edited the percussion map in your working project? If so, perhaps you’ve inadvertently introduced e.g. some duplicate entries for the same MIDI note?

I may have modified the percussion map, but I don’t believe I’ve introduced any duplicate entries for the same MIDI note. If I create a new empty project, add a player w/ Drum Kit (Full) instrument, I do see duplicates in there though, which seemingly have carried into my project… but as noted above when starting w/ new file/template, this seems to behave as expected (I’ve not checked what happens if I try to input note 76 or 77, I guess I’d just expect it to use the first Instrument in the list?).

Now, in the kit in this project, I do certainly have Instruments/Playing techniques that are duplicated… (e.g., Snare/Normal on multiple lines of the drum kit staff)… how Dorico would know what to notate if I input the percussion mapped midi note from the controller is an understandable issue… but for it to shrug off nearly all input notes seems a bit odd, but also an understandable exceptional condition. I guess I’d expect it to at least place one of the mapped notes (or all of them?), then I could delete the others?

I’ve started from empty project, and defaults… e.g., default Full kit, and default General MIDI … and run into similar issue. (I don’t think I have modified these in anyway… if there is some way to confirm/revert to full default, I’m happy to retry).

You can see I have Ableton Live over on the right so you can see clearly what keyboard keys I am hitting (in this case, I’m using a ‘piano’ keyboard, Komplete Kontrol S88… and just inputting a few notes in the range of C3 to E3) You can see that the keys I am pressing translate as expected… the notes input, visualized in Live, are also reported in the MIDI Monitor in Superior Drummer launched as VST from within Dorico. However, as soon as I click into the staff in Dorico, there is mis-alignment between the input MIDI, what SD is receiving… the input notes are annotated into Dorico based on the G clef instead of what the MIDI mapping would suggest.

E.g., input E3 on controller, Superior Drummer is seeing B0, and a note is placed on the bottom line of the staff.

Did you set your percussion input to accept MIDI numbers instead of pitch on a treble-clef staff? That input is configurable.

Brilliant… that was it.

Curious, however, that the controller and Ableton Live both see these notes as octave 1… but Dorico’s Percussion map shows them as Octave 2. Is there a setting for that as well, or do I just need to remember that Dorico has a +1 octave relative to my other tools? Is there a reason for it?

Some note systems regard Middle C (MIDI 60) as C3, some as C4, and some even as C5.
Until the various manufacturers agree on a system, caveat emptor.

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