[Feedback request] Change preset in live session just using automation


I would like to play live in Cubase taking just advantage of the automation so no pedals or switches, everything will be timed.
The setup is : I have one or more background audio tracks and the audio track where I play with “Monitor” enabled (I’m using Guitar Rig 5 for simplicity but I am open to different options).

I got 2 possible ideas but I’m not 100% happy with them :

  • One Guitar Rig instance that changes preset at the good moment (ex. dist to clean)
  • Two Guitar Rig instances with the preset already loaded and i swap bypass at the good moment

Do you have any suggestion / feedback?

Thank you!


Preset loading could take some time. So it might happen, you can’t play the instrument continuously.

Having 2 tracks in the project will need more computer power.

Tank you Martin, yes I was not considering to have 2 tracks but (in my second option) a track with 2 inserts with 2 different Guitar Rig instances each one with a different preset.
What’s annoying is to have to set effect bypass ON on an insert and OFF on the other; it would be cool to have something that switches them with one automation track instead of 2.
That’s why I was asking feedback about some technique.


This is also consuming significantly more CPU, if the plug-in is CPU hungry.