Feeding SUGGESTER APP into cubasis HELP


I asked the developer if it can be done… he wrote back and i don’t understand the steps to do this. he just gave me the general idea… i guess i could ask the developer if he has Cubasis and bug him for the steps, but i;m wondering if i can get some details from the community…
You need the pro version of SUGGESTER to use midi and i could pay you to purchase it (not sure if i can gift the pro option, or its just in-app purchase.
I tried a few settings in both software but nothing works.

his reply is below if that’s any help to anyone.

Hi Stephen,

You can use Suggester in Cubasis in many ways.

  1. Audio Unit : works with audio and MIDI messages
  2. Inter-app audio : works with audio only
  3. separately : you can then use CoreMIDI to connect both apps

For CoreMIDI to work, you need to turn on MIDI Output in the Suggester app options. You can leave the destination unset, then pick the Suggester MIDI source from inside Cubasis.

You will not have the Suggester audio, but you can feed the notes to an instrument in Cubasis.