Feelings about Cubase - Leaving?

It seems to me that Steinberg is putting more resources on other applications than Cubase at the moment. VST Live, Nuendo Live, Dorico…

I can only compare with Reaper which I use and I can tell you that I barely never have issue as it occurs in Cubase…

That’s for sure!

I whish I had the same experience

You mean… for years…

EDIT: You were so right :slight_smile:
I got the email today

I dont have any craches now when i have Isabel all E-core and hyperthreading. And fix so all the important stuff have high priority in taskmanager. Thrue regedit so i dont have to do it everytime i start the program. So i think thats the stuff they and Microsoft working on.

Ye i love the td-3-mo its the devilfish. I can record 16 lagers in my 1010 bitbox mk2 in my eurorack. And when it go thrue Styrmon volante and nightsky and in to eurorack agen to compress it dame its good. But im on Phoscyon 2 to thats a realy nice 303. And my next buy after analog solutions leipzig v3 is avalon realy love the smoothness in that instrument. x0xb0x Sound realy good to.

Sold my nord lead Hate it. Its extremly clean and crisp. Have eurorack stuff to fill 3 cases more hehe

I can do hybrid and in the box and full external. Like to have different Ways to go in and work with the minimal amount of gear i can.

But back to topic. Cubase need better midi handling, maby it Will come when midi 2.0 is coming

I have askes for years that i want to be able to Scan a A4 paper with some piano peace like bethoven and Dorico can read that of and make a midi track of that with exact copy of the notes on the paper. Then i Will buy Dorico. Or just take some dokument from interner and in to dorcio and it play it.

There are applications out there that claim to do this already. I can’t say to what accuracy.

Dorcio is really good, but it lacks this little function that others have hehe, then it becomes third party again. If you know what these programs are called please share, didn’t know they existed.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I just used Google and searched “musical score to MIDI” or “PDF to MIDI”.
MuseScore, PlayScore, ScanScore, SmartScore, PDFtoMusic are a few of the titles that came up.

Do they work?

Never used them.
I can’t imagine there being a software today that can interpret any and all musical score symbols and I would also assume that any OMR (Optical Music Recognition) software will output errors unless perfect conditions are met.
Perhaps in a few years with the help of AI.

PS. I forgot to add that Sibelius apparently has this function built in as well.

Ye have tryed https://www.classicalarchives.com/newca/#!/ its good, but need to lay some work to make it good. Always cool with some Classon in electronic music :slight_smile:

from Sibelius - the leading music composition and notation software

Sibelius comes with a free scanning program called PhotoScore Lite, developed by Neuratron. This is sufficient for scanning simple music for small ensembles. PhotoScore Lite does not read text such as titles, dynamics, chord symbols or lyrics, and does not read articulations, slurs, hairpins or other marking


Thx Steve, hopfully it Will come to Dorcio to. I play nyckelharpa and there is alot of old swedish folkmusic that is not on any cd or internet. I can’t read sheet music. But when i listen i can play it. on violin too. and it becomes really beautiful when you play it on the piano.

I don’t think I could record anything worth playing back after 16 lagers. I’m more of a stout guy, anyway.


Hahahaha :slight_smile: 16 layers

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for me it seems I spend more time fixing it and trouble shooting than I do using it. very frustrating considering how much I got invested so far

So go learn Ableton Live. You may like it more or maybe not. But you’ll learn something by trying. There’s no benefit to only knowing one DAW.

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