Feelings about Cubase - Leaving?

I’m not sure to be honest, as not had to diagnose such an issue. The Eucon thing was obvious as I could see a little dialog sometimes.

Have you tried running task manager, going to settings and setting it to ‘always be on top’, sorting the CPU column so that the most intensive app is always at the top of the list, And then tried closing Cubase and see what shows up on there perhaps?

Also do you have any scanners or cleanup tools, or do you run the application ‘As Admin’? That can cause issues too as Cubase runs in a different user environment than your desktop - which can have a negative effect on file access for anything that transfers from one to the other.

I did but nothing special, only Cubase taking ressources, like 13%, others are insignificant.

Not really, no cleaning tools and no 3rd party anti virus except Malwarebytes Browser Guard in Firefox and Windows stock Defender ON.


So to get an idea of how slow it is, if you close Cubase with an empty project, approximately how long does it take to close?

The time it takes to close a project, I guess, it depends of the project and the work done. If I load a project and close it right after, it will close instantly. When I close it after I have worked quite some time it will takes… more time…

I just counted the time it took to shutdown Cubase after having closed a project:
8sec (at this moment)

In this condition: ~5sec

I forgot to mention that I use a UR242 audio interface

You MUST switch to another DAW! And a bit later to another DAW and so on… because you’re not about music you’re about “feelings”. When I see a blind man who uses Cubase to make his music or a man without arms playing guitar with his feet I understand that their passion is music but reading your post: “I feel it’s old, but I’m not… it’s fragile perhaps as I’m… I feel it crashes sometimes… I’m disappointed I can’t drag’n’drop everything to everywhere… I feel that majority of the tutorials and professional courses… I feel like Cubase it’s not for me… but I’m not sure… I feel I don’t wanna waist my time waiting for its endless start-up and shut down that’s why I’m writing this huge useless text about my feelings about Cubase instead of trying to resolve my problems with hardware or software or instead of learning from the beginning… and I’m gonna spend even more time reading the answers and writing my replies…” I see that music is not your passion. So it’s no matter which DAW you use you’ll always be frustrated with it.
Does Cubase have bugs? Yes and we write reports. Is Cubase perfect? No and we ask for new features. This is the way to get what you need but this sorts of questions: “I don’t feel that Ableton is for me how do you guys feel does it fits me?” always leads to nothing.
Am I rude? May be. But the question of “switching DAW” had been discussed to death ten years ago already.


I see you have anime avatar, maybe this will make you feel differently. A chart of most popular daw for Japanese Users

strong text

Wow, all 1600 of them!

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Excuse me, are you mentalist? Of course I am talking about feelings. Feelings about Cubase, not the music I am doing with it.

I have never been really frustrated with Reaper…

For sure, but it’s your right

Hey, nobody forced you to come over here and give your humble opinion but, thank you anyway, it’s part of the game

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I had no idea that so many people liked Studio One. I personally never tried it

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No but the post of the day award certainly goes to you

Oh I was thinking you were waiting 20-30+ secs. Is that really so bad then? I just tried and it’s about 2 seconds for me on a Ryzen 7, I’m not sure I’d even class 5 seconds as slow to be honest. :slight_smile:

Hard to know what to say really, as it’s very subjective and explains why maybe I’d say I’ve never struggled with such issues but you have.

If you want something that is snappy and quick then S1 is very good, but then it’s more limited in terms of overall functionality. However, it’s also to it’s benefit as it has most bases covered (and more in areas such as key switching, pattern editing etc.).

The leaner design does make things much more focused and fluid to use, and is probably the best polished DAW that sits between EDM focused products like Fruity, Ableton but in a more traditional workflow.

I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you tried it, for me however, Cubase is my prime DAW - I actually like it’s weightiness and clunky design. S1 feels like I’m skating on ice in comparison and feels a bit sterile and un-inspiring to use.

Everything people write or read has been written and read before. But it is not wrong to write the same thing again every so many years.
I do like the conversations in this post, but I am surprised by your ‘quite strong’ opinions …


No no, 5 sec was in that condition you asked me to try, closing Cubase after closing an empty project.
Closing it after closing a project in progress was about 8 to 10sec. Of course, you could say that this not so long compared to 20 to 30sec.

I personally compare this to the so smooth instant closing I have with Reaper.
Also, you could say that time is perception but when I am standing in front of my pc, ready to leave, and I want to put it to sleep, those 8 sec feels more like 30 to me :slight_smile:

I think the way that Reaper unloads with a dialog helps too, as you can see it unloading objects so you know it’s busy but everything is moving along.

In regards to closing projects in Cubase, I think it’s very project dependant on how long it takes. But the biggest issue is it never tells you what it’s doing.

Quite often it will freeze as it’s so busy which is never a good luck for an application (imo). But my projects aren’t mammoths, so very subjective - you could be closing 100 track projects with 3-4 plugins each and I’m closing 16 track projects with mainly stock plugins, for example.

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4-5 sec to open 400 tracks and closing under 2 sec, but closing cubase 3-5 sec

Many feelings around here!

I never thoght of leaving Cubase. I earn my life with it for decades and hopefully will keep on.

I can only hope you good luck and I that you find what you are looking for.

And vst

Cubase is the best but to deep to make a good inspiering flow. To mutch klick and programing to get cubase the way i want. but that is precisely the greatness of cubase. but they need to fix more tabs in the lower window for quick commands and macros. and the macros are something they have to do and spend time on, if it is more than 2 clicks away. just an idea and thought for faster workflow. And other tabs. Its like excel. Just make more tabs. each with its own window in the lower zone

I personal want the hole track present with all the track rack with track and channel strip in the lower zone, each with its own window in the lower zone, And after i can go to the mixer Window to make the last.

Again, my wish is not to leave Cubase but thanks yeah I will look out elswhere, may be I’ll find something else that better suits me, who knows.

This is the only reason why I went to Reaper many years ago, and I have no regrets at all. I found Reaper a better experience when dealing with EDM, or should I say, Underground kind of style.

That been said, regarding Scoring music genre, I simply prefer using Cubase. But, honestly, constantly dealing with 2 DAWs is not the best thing in my opinion. It is like switching between 2 languages that you never fully master…

I guess that as many people here, I would rather like more stability that new functionalities.