Fellow DJ's / Eletronic Producers / Remixers

I am new to Yamaha Ci1, the production is what I’m after but the recording seems to feel more like it was made for singers and guitarists.

Setup :

Numark X9 Mixer
Stanton TT.5 Turntables
Scratch Live SL1
Mac Book Air 2011 OSX Lion Edition

my question is am I able to record my dj mixes ? I am having a difficult time and considering purchasing anther USB interface.

So whats your problem? not enough inputs/outputs?

my dj mixer has a ( Record In / Out) which is colour coded White and Red
I bought the RCA adapters to fit properly into the Ci1 interface to my Numark X9 ( Dj Mixer )
But the Ci1 interface only has
( R Line Out / L Line Out ) and ( 2/R Mic & Line . 1/L Mic/Line/HI-Z)
where do i connect my Red and White RCA onto the Ci1 to record my dj mixes ?

well I don’t know!

The Ci1 has two inputs L/R and two Outputs L/R thats it.

L to L
R to R
And certainly don’t connect an out to an out, or an in to an in.

Every other interface is going to have similar markings.

Actually re reading your post, the line inputs are on jack connectors in the middle of the XLR connectors (combo connectors) you need a couple of RCA sockets to unbalanced (mono) jacks.

The trouble is I can read the OPs comments several ways!!!

I think he needs to clarify exactly what he wants to plug into what?

Fair enough. I assumed that they would be RCA to 1/4" TS.

Ok, thanks to everybody everyones comment has helped.
When i hit record, I see wave forms but when i play back i don’t hear anything any suggestions ?
Also when i plug headphones in Phono i can hear my recording during and after when i hit playback .

So which is it?

Are you connecting headphones to your interface or your computer?

What are you trying to monitor with when you can’t hear playback?

Are you sure you have the correct ASIO driver selected and you are monitoring through your interface?

Monitor button disabled on tracks for playback?

Ci1 interface is connected 1. Numark Mixer ( RCA Jacks )
2. Macbook Air ( USB )

Their are waveform seen when recording music, after my recording I can only playback my music through the phones jack on the interface anther way it can be heard is if i import my mix too iTunes.

Im also noticing when I start recording a few minutes into the recording the wave forms would cut out, then waveform would appear once again after 30 secs. Anybody encounter this during recording vocals, instruments ?

Once you have selected an external soundcard in Cubase all audio is routed VIA that card.

On a Mac you can setup an aggregate device to share soundcards so you can record in from the souncard and playback via the Macs output.