Fender guitar input

Hello all you clever people :wink:
I have a problem which, although indirectly connected to Cubase, is not a Cubase issue so basically I am looking to tap into the vast knowledge base here in the lounge!!
As you can see from my sig I am running CP8.1 along with a CI1 audio interface. I have just purchased a new Fender Deluxe Roadhouse strat, which has a new switching system that allows a greater spread of sounds from the pickups. Here is my problem, when I plug the guitar directly into my CI1 I can hear the normal pick ups but when I activate the new active circuit…nothing!!
I have searched the Fender site and Googled till I go cross eyed, but I cant find an answer.
Do any of you use this particular guitar? Should I be using an amplifier? Am I going mad?

Any help would be appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Jim B

Active pickup systems require either an onboard battery, or phantom power. Check the battery in the guitar.

Hi Swamptone,

Firstly thanks for the input.
One of the first things I did was replace the battery!
Interestingly my CI1 has phantom power but I just use the Hi Z button on my electric guitars so are you saying that you think I should be using the guitar with phantom power?
I am just getting in front of my 'puter now so I can try that although I am a little concerned that I might blow something up in the guitar?

Jim B

Negative on using phantom power. Your guitar runs on a nine-volt battery; it is NOT set up to accept phantom power through a Tip Sleeve unbalanced 1/4" guitar plug.

Disengage phantom power from the audio interface (turn phantom power off).

Did you test the guitar (with active electronics on) through a guitar amp, does that work?

Hi again Swamptone and thanks for taking the time,

The phantom didn’t work anyway albeit only on for a few seconds!!
You will probably have realised from my sig that I am a home studio fella and, prior to deciding that I actually deserved a new guitar, the strat copy cheapo’s that I had worked directly into the CI1 so I haven’t got an amp I can run it through.
What is throwing me a little is that with the actives bypassed (so neat Fender pick ups) it works superbly, its only when I activeate the electronics that I get zip :confused:
I am a complete novice at amplifiers and stuff so if I need to run it through an amp do you think a small practise amp would be sufficient?

Jim B

There may be a fault with the active electronics in the guitar. Have a guitar tech take a look at it.

With active electronics, and VSTi amp-emulation-plugs, you wouldn’t necessarily need a guitar amp to get a decent recording.

are you using a trs style cable for the guitar? If so, that could be your problem.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the heads up about the jacks, mine do appear to be TRS jacks so I will be changing them today.

I will let you know the results!!

Jim B

Hi Tom,

I just want to say “You da man”!!

I bought some new leads this morning and the Fender is now absolutely perfect :smiley:

That’s what I love about this forum, the way everyone helps every one else if they can!

Many many thanks Tom.

Jim B

Excellent! :sunglasses:

Now, lets hear that beast! :slight_smile:


I said the guitar was perfect but I’m not sure about my playing of it :blush:

I have been getting used to it today and I know I will be working on some new stuff over the weekend, so you never know :question:

Many thanks again Tom, and I hope that one day I can do the same for you!!

Jim B

Interesting. Can someone enlighten me why a TRS cable wouldn’t work in this case?

Guitar has a TRS jack with battery’s negative voltage connected to R and electronics’ negative power input to S. Now when you insert TS cable it shorts R->S, completes power circuit and powers up electronics. TRS cable doesn’t do this.

Hi all

I totally agree with hatever Jarno said!!

I don’t understand a word of it…but I totally agree with him :smiley:

If anyone is interested the guitar is absolutely brilliant as well!!! I am busy creating some new songs that will utilise the full range of sounds that it gives out!

Cheers all,

Jim B

The TRS jack on the guitar serves as a switch. When a standard TS 1/4" cable is inserted it completes the circuit that powers the active electronics. Pulling out the cable breaks the connection, and saves the on-board battery.

A TRS cable isolates the “ring” connection, preventing the flow of battery power.

That makes perfect sense, cheers guys :slight_smile: