Fender Universal AISO and Cubase LE

Dear all - How the froggin’ 'ell do you get this to work with LE? My device manager shows the inputs as active but not connected. Heeeeeeeelp!!! (Please)

Which specific version of LE?

Ah - good point - LE5

Devices-Device Setup, select the ASIO driver, Devices-VST Connections, set up the correct input bus/es, then select that input on the audio track.

Sorry to sound like a total duffer but how do you set up the busses? Still coming up as not connected.


device port still showing not connected

Which platform? Screenshot of Device Setup and VST Connections.

Windows 98. Screenshots attached as requested - thanks for this by the way!
screenshots.doc (122 KB)

Therein lies the problem.

I don’t download files from forums. :wink:


Read the system requirements for LE5. Running LE5 on that OS is like trying to strap rollerskates on my 98yr. old grandmother.

Win 98 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

This is the 21st century… isnt it?

Erm…meant XP. :blush:

The screenshots should be JPeg. They’ll show directly in the thread.

Indeed, there is no way I’m going to download a word doc from an unknown source either!!!

How do you insert an image? Copy and paste not working.

jpegs attached
screen 2.JPG
screen 1.JPG

On the Inputs tab of VST Connections, expand the plusses to the left of M1 and M2. In the Device Port column, select the specific port for the device.

It won’t do it. There are no option to select correct bus.
screenshot 3.JPG

Stereo In Left and Right. What exact kind of interface is this?