Fermata above the measure splitter

According to what Daniel said here:
Looks like the current Sibelius team failed to address this feature request.
As what I tested, the current version of Sibelius (8.4.1) still does not allow me to place a sounding fermata mark above a measure splitter.

I am wondering whether you guys addressed this in Dorico.

You can’t actually create fermatas in Dorico at all yet, but when you can, it will be possible to position them over barlines if you wish.

So it will be available in further releases but not the current one, right?

I very much hope it will be implemented before the first public release, but it remains to be seen! If not, it will be added as soon as possible after the initial release.

Actually, that did get done somewhere down the line - or at least, the workround is simple enough.