Fermata AND breath mark same note

If I select a note and put a pause above it, the pause mark disappears if I add and a comma breath mark - which I want to indicate at teh end of the note.

If I delete the breath mark, the pause mark returns (as opposed to doing an undo) - so it seems to be over-writing the fermata marking, rather than replacing it.

I’ve experimented with diffemnert markings and trying on the barline and so on, but the results are always pretty much the same.

Anyone have any ideas?

Try the fifth result: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/search.php?keywords=fermata+breath&fid[0]=246
(edit: fifth - it hadn’t occurred to me that this post would be picked up by a search!)

thanks - I assumed I was doing something wrong, so didn’t expect a slew of similar posts!