Fermata bar rhythm in drum kit won't match pitched instruments

I have a passage with a fermata for all instruments. My percussion kit has one instrument, a tambourine. I wish the tambourine bar to look exactly like the trumpet bar 110 above it, but all I can get to appear despite my efforts is a fermata over an empty percussion bar. How do I create the desired view?

Have you tried a force duration then entering the quarter note (crotchet) rest? It worked for me with a 3/8 time sig.

Yes, but that did not work within the kit staff. Have you set it up as a kit or single tambourine instrument?

Sorry, yes you are right, I used a single.

Ed, I am able to achieve this - using a percussion kit. What I did was show the percussion kit as a single line instrument. Using grid view (which will look the same as single line if there is only one instrument) will give the results you had with the fermata over a bar rest. I would suggest you switch the view to single line before inputting the explicit rests in the tambourine part, as doing so after the fact will feel a little strange because you have no feedback from Dorico that you are actually inputting forced duration rests. (Try it both ways and see what I mean)!

Hope this helps!
Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.35.20 PM.png

I tried to switch to single line, but it would immediately revert back to 5 line when I opened it up again, so essentially it will not allow me to change it. Still stuck :frowning:

You should be able to control each layout exactly the way you want regarding percussion views. This amount of control means that even if you set the percussion kit for single line when you created it, you would still need to set it for single line in whatever layout you are using. When you bring up Layout Options, make sure you have the correct layout selected. Then under Players, set the Percussion to Single-line Instruments and you should be good to go. (Mine defaults to Grid view, so I need to change it as well). Before closing the Layout Options dialog, make sure you push the Apply button. (Forgetting to push the “Apply” button has happened to me when I am in a hurry and get “close-the-dialog-quickly-syndrome” :wink:

Thanks musicmaven. With these more detailed instructions I was able to fix it. My problem was that I was trying to make the change in “Players>Percussion>Percussion>Edit percussion kit” not in the layout.