Fermata/breath mark intersection bug?

I’ve run into an odd situation where adding a fermata in one part doesn’t seem to add/show a fermata in all parts; it seems that the presence of a breath mark after the fermata position is somehow related. I’m using the latest 1.0.10 update.

I’ve attached an image and a zipped .dorico file showing the problem. It’s a 4-part choral score with two identical bars, except that bar 2 has breath marks added at the end of the bar, in each part. In both cases I selected the final C# crotchet in the alto 1 part and attached a fermata.

The glitch occurs in the bass part in bar 2 (before the breath mark): the fermata is hidden/missing. Deleting the breath mark causes the fermata to be shown again. Weirdly, it seems that the way the breath mark is created is significant: selecting an existing breath mark and alt-clicking in the bass staff at the end of the bar (to add a new one) doesn’t cause the fermata to be hidden, but selecting the final note and attaching a breath mark to that does. It also only seems to occur in the bass part, in this example.

Any ideas? Has anyone else seen this?

[ aside: I’ve checked the FAQ and other threads and can’t see anyone else having found this – is there a list somewhere of known bugs that aren’t fixed in the latest update? ]
fermata-breath-bug.zip (295 KB)

Hi James

I was able to create the same problem you are having. However I was able to fix it as well. This does look like a bug.

If you select the breath mark from the pauses toolbox and place it (click) close to the fermata, the fermata disappears. In fact, you can make them all disappear by clicking close to the fermata.

However, if you place the breath mark (click) closer to the end barline the fermata remains. In your case, first delete the breath mark in question, and put it back in as described. Kind of quirky!
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.15.25 AM.png

I guess the behaviour changing depending on the distance from the fermata is probably related to what I found: attaching the breath mark to the note itself hides the fermata, but pasting it near the barline doesn’t. But it’s good to know I’m not going mad, and that there’s a work around – thanks!

Is this one still on the radar for a fix?

Yes, this is on our backlog.

Thank you.

sorry to bring this topic up again, just want to offer my workaround. You can have both fermata and breath mark in one bar. Put the fermata as usual, then simply create a second voice, like putting a random note in the first beat, add the breath mark, then delete that random note on this voice 2.