Fermata don't work


I’ve another problem…the “Fermata” dont work and I can’t understand why…someone had this problem already ?


that’s right. so doesn’t “mordent” , “turn” etc…
this is planned for a future Dorico Version.
As a workaround, you can put in a time-change on the Fermata-Position and change back to the original time directly after that.
You can hide that time change, of course.

Oh…I like so much Dorico but in this case, I’m disappointed :smiling_face_with_tear: :joy:

Thanks for your reply and solution !

You’re welcome.
OH ! I LOVE Workarounds.
That makes me feel like an inventor.

This has been already deeply discussed on the forum and Dr Paul Walmsley explained how complicated this was to implement properly (the search function is your friend). But with the Key editor as it is now, it’s way easier than before to tweak the tempo lane.

I understand…I hope that the function can exist soon in the new updates :blush:

Though to be clear, it’s been planned for a future release since 1.0. Well into “I’ll beleive it when it ships” territory.

Can I ask? What is it that you want this functionality to do?

(In my musical world no two fermatas are ever the same. At the extreme, fermatas will be marked where one part has a cadenza that continues to play… Or multiple fermatas will be marked in one part, but only a single fermata in other parts… Or fermatas may be marked on a barline… etc. etc.)

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You don’t even have to tweak the tempo lane if you don’t want to. What I do is add a shift-T metronome mark — something like q=20 — to the note with the fermata (or in the case of multiple instruments with fermatas at different rhythmic positions, add the metronome mark at the rhythmic position of the furthest-right fermata), and hide the metronome mark in the Properties panel (you’ll get a signpost). This makes it easy to change the duration of the hold later on (in case you find that it’s either too long or too short) by just selecting the signpost and changing the bpm setting in the Properties panel. Just be sure to remember to reset the tempo after the fermata with another shift-T metronome mark (and hide it, too).