Fermata Help

Hello all, help needed please. In an arrangement I’m currently working on there is a bar of four crotchets (4/4 time signature). The 3rd and 4th crotchets both need to have pauses (fermatas) over them but after the 2nd crotchet I need to have tramlines (caesura). Here’s my problem. When I input the caesura the fermata on the 3rd crotchet automatically disappears!! If I then redo the pause on the 3rd crotchet, the caesura disappears! I’ve even tried inputting the caesura after the 1st crotchet, going into engrave mode and dragging the caesura right but it won’t let me do this. Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

You can’t have a fermata and a caesura at precisely the same rhythmic position. What you can do is input the fermata, then invoke the caret, arrow along the rhythmic grid (anything - a 64th/hemi will do fine) then add the caesura. Or vice-versa.

Thank you Leo. :grinning: