fermata in barline


I attached a fermata to a bar:

The composer wants the fermata on the barline, so I switch on the option to place it above the barline:

The Composer wants a fermata on every sie of the barline. So I tried to switch on the option for fermata placements, and the fermata jumps back onto the notes. The option to attach the fermata to the barline is still on.

This can’t be the desired behaviour!?
Is there a way to have a fermata in both ends of the barline?


Set them at different beat positions. Failing that, you’ll have to fake it by creating fermatas as Playing Techniques.

Composers. Tsk. :laughing:

I believe at the moment it is indeed only possible to show the fermata above the barline.

Please consider this as an feature request than.

HeiPet, as a workaround you can construct a custom playing technique that shows a fermata glyph, attach to the final beat of the bottom instrument, flip with F, switch to Engrave mode and drag into place. In the part layout you’ll need to drag it off the edge of the page.

Thanks pianoleo and benwiggy! I’ll do that. I’m preparing a playing score, so there are no parts needed.