Fermata on barline

I have correctly set a fermata over a barline in on orchestra full score.
The fermata appears on the Woodwinds group, the Brass, group, the Voices , but not on the Strings group. (All the parts are correct).
What could possibly go wrong? Any idea?
Thank you very much in advance.

Can you post a Dorico file of the full score containing just the measure before and measure after the misbehaving fermata?

Dear Derrek,
I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but after reopening the project the fermata is now displaying correctly.
I have to say that I’ve got few error messages while working on this project and that was probably the cause.
Thank you so much.

Great to hear!

That’s unusual. What do the messages say?

I did’nt take note of the error message.
I use the italian version and it was somithing like “An error occurred”. No more than this.
It happened while imputting notes and the program was too slow to get them.