fermata on different beats possible?

Is it possible to place a fermata onto different rhythmical positions, like in the following example? The fermata in this case is just a description of the last note - not meant to be prolonged…
How can I place the fermatas onto the different beats?

Easiest way is to drag them in Engrave mode. Remember to Propagate…

oh, such an easy workaround, thank you Dan :grinning:

I use a fermata in a general playing technique, so that I do not have to care about propagating or moving stuff. It stays where I put it.

Marc, thank you for this suggestion.
I will be updating my playing techniques :wink:

Hi Marc,

How can I add a fermata as a playing technique? Thanks!

Augusto, start here: https://youtu.be/k3p-hXO8wb4.

The video will walk you through how to create a playing technique, which you can use and modify however you wish.