fermata on grace note


I found that fermatas could not be attached on grace notes.
If I attach a fermata on a grace note, the fermata is attached to the next normal note.
Is it intended behaviour?

Yes. Fermatas cannot be attached to grace notes.

I suppose you can create a new playing technique showing a fermata — I find it very useful to deal with fermatas that do not absolutely respond to the “proper fermata rules”.



Thanks! This is an excellent and very useful idea!

Indeed, I find the current fermata structure restrictive. I often find myself caught between rules when setting organ music with many voices. One per staff is preferable, but when you have dense counterpoint it can be difficult to place the first fermata in the right spot. There’s also no way (other than this hack) to really place a fermata on, say, the melody line only to indicate an extended tenuto rather than a full stop.

I would think the ideal solution for the user would be twofold:

  1. An Alt-Enter option to affix the fermata independently to that staff only (and that specific rhythmic location).
  2. A toggle to have fermata affect playback or not (which I know is still future).

That seems a very elegant solution well in keeping with the current modus operandi.